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Chocolate SPOT 

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Our Chocolate Pizzas are well-known for their rich and creamy texture!  Each Chocolate Pizza is a full half-pound (or more!) of rich, decadent delight, individually wrapped in cellophane for freshness and shipped in its own pizza box.

CHUNKY TURTLE: Milk Chocolate, Chunky Caramel & Pecans - drizzled in "cheesy-colored" white chocolate ... the texture is Amazing!!

GOOEY TURTLE: Milk Chocolate, Gooey Caramel & Pecans  - drizzled in "cheesy-colored" white chocolate ... our best seller!!

ROCKY ROAD:  Milk or Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Marshmallows - drizzled in "cheesy-colored" white chocolate

CUSTOMIZABLE: The same full half-pound (or more!) of rich and creamy decadent delight found in the original Chocolate Pizza Styles can be found in the pizza you create yourself. The Custom Pizzas are limited only by your imagination. Go ahead, tell us what ingredients you would like to enjoy on your Chocolate Pizza and we will create it for you! Milk, dark or white chocolate, pecans, almonds, p-nuts, toffee bits, caramel, candies (M & Ms, Reeses pieces, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint, etc.), marshmallows ... make it plain or make it fancy .... whatever you can imagine, we can make it!! Perfect for the Pickiest Pizza Phanatic or for any holiday: Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. What holiday would you like represented or what items would you like on your pizza? If items chosen exceed unit price, I will contact you.